Info to Vote in the NY Presidential Primary: April 19, 2016

WHO CAN VOTE: On April 19, 2016, registered Republicans and Democrats in New York State will go to the polls to choose their respective party’s nominees for President in the 2016 election. New voters must have registered by March 30, 2016 to vote in this primary. Previously registered voters seeking to change party affiliation must have requested the change by October 9, 2015 for the change to be applicable in 2016 and beyond. THE BALLOTS: The Republican ballot will list Donald J Trump, John R Kasich, Ben Carson (who has withdrawn), and Ted Cruz. Delegates will not be listed. The Republican primary ballot will be the same statewide. (Click on the image to magnify) sampleballotrepprimary2016 The Democratic ballot has a line for Bernie Sanders and a line for Hillary Clinton. Following each candidate are six associated delegates for the congressional district. Voters select one candidate and up to six delegates. Voters may choose a particular delegate even if that delegate has pledged to support a candidate other than the one selected. (Click on the image to magnify.) sampleballotdemsprimary2016mamk THE DELEGATE SELECTION PROCESS, IN BRIEF Essentially, each party writes its own rules for the delegate selection process, and the Supreme Court has upheld their rights to do so, provided they violate no one’s civil rights. Delegates are chosen from among party activists and office-holders. In the Republican Party, each of New York’s 27 congressional districts gets to choose 3 delegates and 3 alternates. Additionally, the Republican State Committee chooses at-large delegates. In the Democratic Party, 163 pledged delegates are elected from the congressional districts, averaging 6 per district. A party member who wishes to be a delegate must get signed petitions. The Democrats also have super delegates, who are Democratic officeholders, such as the Governor, our two US Senators and 19 Democratic Congressional Representatives. CLICK FOR MORE INFO: Rules for each party in detail