Michael Rosenbaum Background

michaelrosenbaumBorn 10/31/37. Lived in Cincinnati, Ohio till sixteen. Attended public high school, Walnut Hills High School

Education:  Yale BA 59 with honors; Columbia School of International Affairs MIA 63 with honors; Columbia Law School 77 with honors.

Work:  director 1980s executive vice president NYSE company — Vector Group established company, Skybox sold to Marvel for over $300 million; established joint venture with NBA

Director Protrak — software company selling customer relationship management software product

Director Lithotech sells medical device world wide

Investor/consultant Mikey Likes it — ice cream retailer and manufacturer NYC

Chairman Gourmet Daily sells meals to customers all over the United States

Chairman WTI manufactures machinery which takes waste fabric and recycles it

Member village of Mamaroneck Art Council Committee

Personal: four sons went k thru 12 in Mamaroneck schools; currently grandchild in high school and grandchild in Hommocks

Lived in Larchmont/Mamaroneck for over forty years