Buy Tickets Now to April 21 LWV Luncheon with NY State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins

TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE FOR THE 2017 ANNUAL LUNCHEON BY THE APRIL 19 DEADLINE The cost of the luncheon ticket is $60. There are no physical tickets; your name will be added to a list of attendees to be checked as you enter.


  1. RSVP immediately to jasilb at
  2. Bring check and pay at the door. Make check payable to “LWVnysef”
  3. $25 of your check payment is tax deductible.

BY CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL by April 19 deadline:

    1.  Use the drop down menu below to indicate your league, or choose “none of the above”
    2.  Then hit the “buy now” button
    3.  To buy more than one ticket, change the quantity on the check-out page
    4.  To pay with a credit card, on the check-out page, click on the “don’t have a PayPal account” option
    5.  Your credit card payment is not tax deductible.

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