Hommocks Students Win LWV-LM Women’s History Month Poster Contest

Sixth Grader Jordan Davis and Seventh Grader Jessie O’Connell were the first place winners in the Women’s History Month poster contest for 2017.  LWV-LM Co-president Alice Pernick announced the results at the Mamaroneck School Board meeting on May 16.

“For the last several years, our League has sponsored a poster contest for Women’s History Month, which is in March,” she explained. “We do this because we believe that when women from all backgrounds are recognized for their dignity and accomplishments, they become role models, inspiring women and girls, and encouraging men and boys to better understand and respect the challenges and experiences of women.
The LWV-LM partnered with the Hommocks PTA on the contest, receiving significant help from Jackie Emmett and Mallory Chinn.
This year marks a particularly noteworthy event in women’s history: it has been one hundred years since women were granted the right to vote in New York State, three years before the 19th Amendment gave that right to all women in the United States.
Below the photograph is a complete list of winners.
Sixth Grade Winners:
1st place: Ruby Bridges by Jordan Davis (at left in photo)
2nd place: (tie) Marie Curie by Madeleine Zang and
Rachel Carson by Kendall Yoon
3rd place: (tie) Gertrude Ederle by Lea Letellier and
Dorothy Hodgkin by Daria Chtokolv
4th place: (tie) Katherine Johnson by Zoe Avraamides and
Katherine Johnson by Micaela Cabrera (at right in photo)
Seventh Grade Winners:
1st place: Amelia Bloomer by Jessie O’Connell
2nd place: Rosalind Franklin by Ali Hagar
3rd place: Josephine Baker by Rayeed Rahman